Waterproof Canvas Sling Bag | Unleash The Beast Series


We here at TWIS makes high-quality products, made locally with international quality standards.

It’s the line art of a roaring tiger that makes it so special. It’s very bold and it screams big and bold personality. Further, the strap has UNLEASH THE BEAST text printed on it, making it look really cool when you sling it across your body. If you are not a fan of the tiger line art, the back side has a cute line art of a fish and a cat. Give the cat a big fish, and UNLEASH THE BEAST

—— Product Detail ——

Premium Waterproof Canvas

Color & Printing Detail:
Screen Print on bag canvas and strap


Waterproof material

Available colors are:
1. Mono Black
2. Jungle Green

—— Care Guide ——

To ensure product longevity & maintain quality:
1. Use soft detergent or with softener
2. Don’t use bleach
3. Iron at low temperature (maximum 110 °C)

—— About TWIS ——

We’re TWIS, the streetwear movement for women everywhere.

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