Waterproof Canvas Sling Bag | Live Your Dream Series


We here at TWIS makes high-quality products, made locally with international quality standards.

We bet you know at least someone who dreamed (or dreams) of being an astronaut. The highlight of this bag is definitely the LIVE YOUR DREAM text that’s printed on the strap. Moreover, there’s that line art of an astronaut with a galaxy view mirrored on the helmet. Do you know that 1969 is the year humans first landed on the moon?

—— Product Detail ——

Premium Waterproof Canvas

Color & Printing Detail:
Direct to Garment Print, Screen Print on Strap

Size Guide:
24cm x 23cm x 12cm

Available colors are:
1. Retro Cream
2. Marble white

—— Care Guide ——

To ensure product longevity & maintain quality:
1. Clean with wet tissues
2. You can also brush it with soap, rinse it and leave it to dry

—— About TWIS ——

We’re TWIS, the streetwear movement for women everywhere.

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