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We here at TWIS makes high-quality products, made locally with international quality standards.

It was quite the debate for us. “It’s the different color lining inside the hood with the text MAKE IT HAPPEN”, “No, it’s definitely the big text that stretches from arm to arm”. No matter what, it’s an awesome piece of clothing that’s really versatile. Wear it as a short dress, wear it as a regular hoodie. Ohh, and definitely check out the Peach Pink color! One of a kind.

—— Product Detail ——

100% Cotton Fleece

Color & Printing Detail:
Plastisol Screen Printing with Doff Finishing, High Density Screen Printing for Logo

Size Guide:
S: 76 cm torso length | 57 cm torso width | 64 arm length
M: 78 cm torso length | 59 cm torso width | 65 arm length
L: 81 cm torso length | 61 cm torso width | 66 arm length

Available colors are:
1. Peach Pink with White Accent
2. Jet Black with Red Accent

—— Care Guide ——

To ensure product longevity & maintain quality:
1. Use soft detergent or with softener
2. Don’t use bleach
3. Iron at low temperature (maximum 110 °C)

—— About TWIS ——

We’re TWIS, the streetwear movement for women everywhere.

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